Notes from my Hefley Surname Research

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      Married Born Died Parents
My Ancestrorial Tree    Dolores Jean Hefley James Ray Rutledge         Lonnie Hefley & Clovis Ross
My Ancestrorial Tree    Lonnie Chester Hefley Clovis Tennessee Ross January 15, 1912 Logan Co., AR January 10, 1997 Logan Co., AR Jasper Hefley & Martha Kennamer
My Ancestrorial Tree    Jasper Lelon Hefley Martha Ellen Kennamer October 16, 1881 5 miles southeast of Charleston, Arkansas in the Pine Mountain Community February 6, 1968 Branch, Franklin Co., AR Albert Hefley & Mattie Philips
My Ancestrorial Tree    Albert Perry Hefley Mattie Clemintine Philips May 30, 1860 Comanchie or Hunt Co., TX April 1938 Charleston, AR James Hefley & Susanna Parker
My Ancestrorial Tree    James Hefley Susanna Parker 1821 TN     John Hefley & Elizabeth Bailey
My Ancestrorial Tree    John Hefley Elizabeth Bailey Abt. 1772   Bef. 1830   Phillip Hefley & Mary
My Ancestrorial Tree    Phillip Tomas Hefley Mary Abt. 1750 Holland 1803 Buncomb Co., NC