Notes from my Bailey Surname Research

Bailey is an English occupational name for a steward or official, from the Middle English bailli = carrier, porter. In Scotland, the bailli is the magistrate and bailiff is a form that has evolved elsewhere. Occasionally, the name is derived as an English Place name from a Middle English word derived from Old French baille = enclosure. In this form it originally meant the person living by the outer wall of the castle, but Old Bailey, a place in Lancashire which formed part of the outer wall of some medieval castle, also became the origin for surname for people from that location. There are numerous variations in many countries, including Baillie (Scotland), Bayless , Bailess, Lebailly (French), Bally (Swiss), Baglione (Italian), and Bailloux (Provencal).

BAILEY (British). "Bailiff, crown official or keeper of a royal building".

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